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Photography sessions with models

Certain images are more captivating with models

The photography sessions we offer can be with or without models. In certain situations, the model, or better yet the model couple (male & female) are essential. Some of these situations include sessions in the wellness centres. Wellbeing - which is advertised so much now using slogans - does nothing more than focus on the person (also on the entire hotel facility, but in this case, the centrality is more marked). So there is no better emotional slogan that showing wellness services focusing on the person. If we expand this reasoning to the entire facility, each image acquires greater emotional impact when the person(s) is the focus of our attention. Be careful however, don't be confused by commercials using female images only for the purpose of attracting. Our services focus on taking care of the person and his/her personal wellbeing - the message is very different. Other photos may be taken without a model, for example a close-up of main dishes or outside the hotel after a snowfall or on a starry night. It's also a good idea to show the faces of personnel, or even better, of the hotel owners, especially if it's a family-run business. An even more important basic concept for tourism is that the person's image within the interactivity of social networks is the first thing to count, and it later creates the circle of trust necessary to propose a tourist facility.

Always request an estimate with a model, with or without a couple, so that we can recommend the best solution. Sessions can also be split up so that some include a model while others don't. We also offer special prices throughout the year, which include specific photography sessions offering photography services at lower prices. Customers who select our company to create their website (we are part of are entitled to a further discount on our photography services.

Below is the list of possible photography sessions:

Swimming Pool Sauna
Relaxation and Wellbeing
Holiday Flats

The Hotel Full Session Package includes all sessions (excluding Holiday Flats and Shelters). However, customers are given all photos taken during the photography sessions for internal use, printing and paper advertising. Use for websites, and therefore the transfer of the use of the photos, is agreed on based on the clauses in the individual contracts. Photos with models include a personal release.


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