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An outdoor photo at the hotel

Playing with light to create an impressive photo

Outdoor photography is not as simple as it appears. Any facility can be depicted in a pleasant, positive manner, it's just a matter of playing with the light and finding the right moment and best angle. I have never done photomontages, and in addition to the first photo with impact, it's important to ensure other images of your hotel are shown to give viewers a general idea of the appearance of the facility. Even simple details or outdoor photos of the facility can serve to enrich the photo galleries. It's important to involve a location close to the facility , so short-lived events can be captured such as a snowfall, sunny summer day or other less common moments. I always study the angle at which the sunlight hits the exterior of the facility in relation to the surrounding landscape and to the season to create highly emotional images. Outdoor photos often require more time, precisely because I have to wait for favourable lighting and weather conditions. I also take photos at night, on request.

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